Hey there, my name is Kalista but you can call me Kali. I'm a graduate of Art Direction at Temple University's School of Media and Communication. My focus is primarily in art direction, concepting and design. I have a lengthy background in traditional arts which brings out a thoughtful, handmade style in a lot of my work. 

I enjoy, brewing coffee, practicing illustration, stretching my green thumb and hanging out with my cats in my free time. All my works tend to revolve around my passions, which is why I love getting into new hobbies for inspiration.

My goal in advertising is to work toward creating strategies and designs that will help to contribute to a bigger picture. I believe that we need to create what we want to exist. I want the things that I create to be more than just a pretty picture, it needs to have purpose and be part of a sustainable world. If you are interested in my work please feel free to contact me.